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   Building personal relationships is something we Strive for in everyday business. Following companies and people from job to job, supplying you with your construction needs. Homestore Directs will walk with you step by step to eliminate your brain damage by making one phone call to handle over 20 different Products. Call today for top notch customer service on your next job.


PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - Located in the heartland of America, we appreciate the value of hard work and ethical conduct.  We serve our customers the many ways listed below and in the ways we have yet to imagine because every day presents new challenges in the rapidly changing field of commercial and residential construction.

PRICE SHOPPING - We love to shop!  Whether it is a truck load of drywall, 215 recessed ironing board cabinets, a handful of appliances, or a single medical exam table, we can find it.  We are happy to research those hard to find items as HOMESTORE DIRECTS is a part of a vast network of manufacturers and distribution centers which allows us to offer very competitive prices on a wide variety of products.

VERIFY SPECIFICATIONS - Have you ever seen a set of specifications that was not confusing or contradictory?  HOMESTORE DIRECTS will assist you in finding domestically made products that meet or exceed given specifications.

SUBMITTALS - Compiling all of the paperwork, color and material samples for submittals on a large job can seem like a full time job.  At HOMESTORE DIRECTS, as part of our customer service, we will complete all of the paperwork and sample submittals for the products we provide to your jobsite.

PRODUCT APPROVALS - After you get the job, the work really begins.  It is not always easy to satisfy all parties in the "product approval" process.  HOMESTORE DIRECTS is a valuable ally in this often frustrating process and we will work with you and the approving authority every step of the way.

COMPETITVE PRICING - At HOMESTORE DIRECTS we operate on low overhead and a slim profit margin so we can pass the savings along to you.

TRACKING YOUR MATERIALS - From start to finish we track your materials.  We work with the manufacturer or distributor to ensure your products are sent and arrive to you within your schedule.  Tracking and delivery confirmation are just two of the ways we do this.  

JOBSITE DELIVERY - Even something as simple as having products delivered to a job site can become a problem.  With HOMESTORE DIRECTS as your supplier, we will do our best to assure that your products are delivered in a timely manner.


     Give HOMESTORE DIRECTS a call to find out for yourself the level of service we can provide for you!  You can find us, in office, ready to serve you locally at 785-776-0564 or toll-free at 800-745-8221.